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CEREBROS™ - A novel, radical solution at the heart of which is a low-cost, portable, multimodal (electrocardiogram (ECG), electroencephalography (EEG) and functional near infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS), IoT (Internet of Things) device integrated with a tele-monitoring platform for continuous remote monitoring of cerebral hypoxia and seizures and early detection and management of HIE at point-of-care. The overarching objective of CEREBROS is to empower CHWs (ASHA, ANM) in rural hospitals to identify propensity for brain injury in HIE early and ensure early physiology-based treatment for "intact survival" under the remote tele-monitoring guidance of a neonatologist, such that neurological outcome is good.


The technology, in conjunction with a battery of cognitive tasks, is nicknamed “MindEye.” It uses a low-cost infrared camera to detect subtle changes in pupil dilation and eye movement. These changes indicate cognitive impairment, which often begins years before other Alzheimer’s symptoms are visible. These changes, called saccadic eye movements, increase as the disease progresses.

CGHE Brown Bag Seminar

Dr. Anirban Dutta

Dr. Dutta is the director of UB’s Neuroengineering and Informatics for Rehabilitation Laboratory (NIRlab). He conducts interdisciplinary research in neural engineering, the application of engineering to the neurosciences. His research transcends conventional academic boundaries in his overarching goal to treat, cure and even prevent neurological disorders using ‘electroceuticals’--bioelectronics that stimulates the nervous system. Specifically, his research is directed toward an enhanced understanding of the neurophysiological mechanisms associated with the relearning of visuomotor function.

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